About the Meeting


Welcome to the first ever virtual 8th International Conference on the Physiology and Pharmacology of Temperature Regulation (vPPTR 2020)


vPPTR 2020 will be hosted online from North Vancouver, BC, Canada October 26 – 29, 2020.

About the Meeting

For vPPTR 2020 the scientific program will still include a combination of symposia, lectures, poster presentations and a student competition. The added advantages of the online delivery for the conference include longer life, multimode e-posters, breakout sessions with established researchers for early career investigators, exhibitor sessions on equipment and services for delegates and daily talks from guest presenters. The purpose of the vPPTR 2020 meeting is to bring together scientists with an interest in temperature regulation and pharmacology in various species, across a broad range of themes.

vPPTR 2020 Themes

  • COVID-19, infectious diseases and temperature
  • Hydration  
  • Pharmacological ergogenic aids and performance in hot or cold environments 
  • Heat and/or cold acclimation and human physiology 
  • Behavioural regulation of body temperature  
  • Autonomic and central pathways of body temperature regulation  
  • Fever  
  • Obesity  
  • Metabolism  
  • Torpor, hibernation and hypothermia  
  • Exercise temperature regulation  
  • Sleep and vigilance  
  • Thermal comfort  
  • Molecular thermal physiology and thermal sensation  
  • Evolutionary and comparative physiology of temperature regulation  
  • Medical applications of thermal physiology  
  • Thermal models and simulations  
  • Historical perspectives 
  • Other

vPPTR 2020 Important Dates


  • Early registration deadline for preferred rate: Sept 15, 2020
  • Regular registration rates after Sept 15, 2020


  • Late Breaking COVID-19 theme symposia proposals June 15 to July 15, 2020
  • Deadline for submission of final details for regular and late breaking symposia, including Title, organisers, contributors, abstracts, etc. is August 1, 2020


  • Opening Date June 15, 2020
  • Submission Deadline: August 15, 2020
  • Notification of Acceptance: August 30, 2020

The International Society for the Physiology and Pharmacology of Temperature Regulation (PPTR) is a Subcommission of the Comparative Physiology Commission (Evolution, Adaptation & Environment) of the International Union of Physiological Sciences.

Future Meetings

Proposals are now being accepted for future meetings of our society. If you are interested in hosting a future meeting of the PPTR Society please contact Igor Mekjavic (igor.mekjavic@ijs.si)