Accepted Abstracts: Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations Rehearsals

We have been advised by our IT support to conduct ‘rehearsals’ for oral presentations. This will be to ensure all are familiar with the online delivery method, to check on file-sharing of ‘sample’ presentations as well to assess connection speeds, video quality and microphone use. Each rehearsal will include the presenter and chairperson as well as a moderator who will assist during your online presentation during vPPTR 2020. The rehearsals will be scheduled by email prior to the conference with the chairperson, presenter and a moderator.  

Oral Presentations Guidelines

For oral presentations not in symposia, the time is 10 min followed by 5 min for questions. For presentation slides from e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote etc, these must be compatible with screen-sharing applications such as Zoom or Hopin. Pre-recorded presentations may be accepted under specific circumstances that must be approved by the vPPTR 2020 Local Organizing Committee at least 2 weeks prior to the conference. They can be reached by email at: